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January 2010

As I wrote before I’m planning to fabricate a new intake/exhaust manifold for the straight 8. As you can see on the photo below the stock intake manifold are far from perfect with its 90-degree sharp angels. A dual or triple carb manifold would absolutely be the shit but it’s harder to fabricate so I shoot for a four-barrel intake for now. I think that a 390 Holley would work with an engine of this size. An “easy to get” Holley 600 will definitely be overkill. This is by no means a performance engine… Far from that I will say. But intake manifold in combination with headers and shaved head should generate some extra ponies when the engine could breathe better.

Now when its Christmas time I was able to get a little stuff done in my garage. Here’s some pipes and other parts I made.

I welded 2” long pipes to the exhaust flange and then run it in a milling machine to make sure it be straight and wouldn’t leak when mounted to the head.

I bolted the flange to the cylinder head before I started tack weld the pipes together as a welding jig. On the pics above I have finish the welding and begin grinding to smooth it out.



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