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November 2009

I bought a pair of fishtail tips for the exhaust.

A home brewed towing hook.

I got me an extra spare straight eight engine. This is a 263” witch means it’s the last generation of Buick’s small inline 8 engine. The difference between the previous 248” and this one is the modern insert rod bearings and hydraulic lifters and that all five crankshafts bearings have the same dimension.

The engine seams to be in good shape.

I removed the freeze plugs to be able to get through the years of sediment and junk lying in the bottom of the water jackets.

I found some sticky piston rings but otherwise it looks good. My plan is to replace the rod bearing and piston rings, honing the cylinders and shave the head to raise the compression a bit. I also have plans trying to fabricate a dual carb or four-barrel manifold and a set of headers to let the engine breathe better. Something like the pics below.

I found these pics on the net of a pretty sleek homemade intake/exhaust manifold. Maybe I will choose to split the exhaust manifold in to two instead of one.

I wish you all a Merry Xmas.



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