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The air ride system is now completed. I hide all the wiring, hoses and stuff like that under the rear seat and it looks a little cleaner without all that. No, thatís not a huge makeup mirror behind the tank and comps but a polish stainless steel plate that make you think Iím running four compressors for the price of only two!

I have to take the 48 out and cleaned it up from all the dust and shit.

The 248 straight eight is now running on 12 volts.

A Thermador swamp cooler is the shit!!!

The interior was all gone in the 48 and I have to make new inside door panels, kick panels and stuff like that. I use some 3,2 millimetre masonite for the door panels.  

Kind of ďtuck and rollĒ interior.


A huge difference compared to before and now. Thatís not my fat wallet lying in the front seat, I got these pics from the guy I bought the car from and I guess itís even fatter now.



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