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October 2008

I have started the work to bring here down to mother earth. I cut the floor to raise the drive shaft tunnel to achieve the lowest possible stance without c-notching the frame.

The carrier didn’t fit under the stock tunnel.


  The welding is done on the new higher drive shaft tunnel.

I have removed all four coil springs in this photo just to see how low it sits. I also test mounted the Fulton visor but it needs to be painted before final install.

I need to remove the upper and lower control arms and spindle to be able to mount the dropped uprights and a new kingpin set.

Here you can see that the spindle mounts 2 1/2” higher then stock with Fatmans dropped uprights. I bought these uprights from “The Night Prowlers”, Lamar, Missouri.

The coil spring support in the lower control arm is riveted together and I just press drill the two outer rivets out and will use M10 bolts later.

I made a ¼” steel plate with the same shape as the coil support and use the two outer holes for M10 bolts. Then I bolt the inner end of the plate with two other bolts from the bottom and up through the bag plate. With this solution you can easily go back with the stock coil springs if you ever wish.


Another view.

It’s a must to heat and bend down the steering arm the same 2 ½” drop that the dropped uprights generate otherwise there will be a bad bumpsteer. You have to heat the steering arm real hot to be able to bend it. Then it should cold off real slow. The best way is to put it in a Owen and let it cold slow. This is very important to avoid cracks in the material.


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