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April 2012

Time to get this 48 Buick site back to life… Some new pics.

I was going to take a ride in the 48 today when I discover some water under the car and I found out that the water pump was gone…shit, just when the driving season starts.


I found renovated pumps on E-bay but that’s going to take a while to get it shipped over to my place but I have no option and can’t find any pumps here in Sweden.


Two weeks after buying a new pump on E-bay it finally arrive yesterday. I replace the old bad pump with the new stuff and when all was done I try to start the old bitch… Nothing… no fuel. Well it seams that the fuel pump is gone. I really didn’t have time with this kind of shit right now when trying to finish the ’47 Olds.

Springtime! Took out the old Buick bitch for a small ride together with my 47 Olds.

I climb up on my garage roof just to get this camera angel. Fortunately, I'm not afraid of heights!

Black & white applies a little bit of nostalgic touch to them.


Stay tuned for more...