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1949 Pontiac coupe

 December  2015

The 49 hood ornaments did not fit on the 52 hood trim so I got another one from E-bay. I replace all the ignition parts with new stuff. As you can see I miss the stock horn and this two on the fire wall will be replaced as soon as I can find a nice pair.

Wondering how they were thinking when they installed an orange carpet in the car. Color blindness or what? Maybe not the first hand choice in a two tone green car with a white and gun metal gray interior... I have to take care of this later. I had a set of bias ply tire on steel rims for the car if I want to change the look. Firestone 6.70-15 on this pics.

2 x hood ornament, 48 Oldsmobile & 49 Pontiac. An old school Gps was already in the car when I got it.


Stay tuned for more....