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1949 Pontiac coupe

 December  2015

My 48 and 49 outside the shop.

A big miss in my opinion of Pontiac's designers were when they drew the fender skirts. Why did not the skirts follow the lower trim, gravel shields and the rear portion of the rear fender? The car looks cut off. To get a better flow I made a couple of skirt extenders in stainless steel and the trim on the lower rear fender. These forms a natural extension of gravel shields and backward that makes the rear look heavier. For 1953-54 Chevy Bel Air there are similar moldings named Bel Air Bloomers.

Little Selma likes and wants to drive the old Poncho.

We got some snow the other day and I took out the car for some photo shoot. A set of Astro Supreme wheels on the car looking good.


Part 4