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Mars 2012


I added some new paint on the dash and new hoses to the heather and other small stuff.



The first test run outside the garage with 324 Rocket power and a shiny sky! What can you more ask for?





A few shots from today’s test drive.


  Struggling with the Olds and take it down to bare metal, dirty work…

Fortunately I can do most of the work outside the garage.


A little bit more bare metal for each day… not a pleasant job! Tommy Bjurmans nice 47 Coupe. Photo taken at the “Custom Motor Show” 2012 in Jönköping.



This is a really dirty work but I made some progress today too. I haven’t found any rust yet so I’m a happy sob right now…


A piece of art… Thanks cixpack!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Cixpack


Part 9