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November 2011



I was able to buy a bumper override with licence plate frame from a 47 Olds 98 the other day and after some cutting and drilling it fits pretty good on my ride. I shaved the original licence plate mount for a cleaner look so it came out handy. The pic shows before and after.


Time to install airtank and other airride stuff. I want a clean installation with a minimum of visible hoses and electrical stuff inside the trunk so I turn the tank 180 degrees so all the fittings are hide behind. The two valve block with sensors will be hide under the backseat. 


I have installed the valve blocks and Ecu unit on the floor under the backseat area and I tested the system and it seams ok.


I added sound isolation to the floor.


I had to take care of some wiring job today. I have replaced the old generator with an alternator with Internal Voltage Regulator so I have to rewire some stuff. There’s no place for battery in the engine compartment so I had to make a “battery in trunk” installation instead. On the pics above are the starter solenoids behind the battery box.







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