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October 2011

A friend came by today and show his –49 Pontiac SilverStreak bomb he just bought. Badass ride!



Now I’m finally done with the floor and it should be rust protected for the future.


The former Caprice rear axle is all welded up and painted and are now ready to get back in the car.


Anyone want to taste my drive-shaft soup? This is cooking on a high level…. I just had to get the damn factory glue out to be able to change the U-joints and it work like a charm. Btw the drive shaft is from a 1981 F-body and had the perfect lengths for my application.


The rear axle is back in the car after all welding are done. I replaced all the brake stuff and change the hypoid oil. The bags, shocks and the drive shaft are mounted as well.


I have taking care of the wheel well I had to open up when welding the step notch/bridge. The left pics is an old one from the day I start cutting…


Floor pan and trunk are primed.


The Jaguar suspension are from a right hand drive car so I couldn’t use the stock steering rack so I find out that a Saab 9000 rack is nearly identical with the joint at the right place. I use this black rack as a mock-up when fabricate the bracket but when I should bolt in the newer Saab 9-5 rack I found out that they have change the bolt pattern 40 millimetre. Shit I always belive they where identical… But luckily they still have the 17-millimetre DD shaft so I can use my expensive Borgeson steering U-joints…

I deserve this one for fucking up…


After some minor modification the rack is finally in place. The Borgeson u-joints are a little pricy but in the end they worth every penny. On the rack is a 17mm – ¾” DD double joint and then the ¾” shaft with a support bearing and then finally a ¾”DD to ¾” 36-spline to the steering column.  


The power steering pump is from a Saab as well.


  An early tilt steering column with no plastic shit like modern one’s.


Brake pedal, shifter and alternator in place.


Bad fuel tank. This one needs some welding for sure…


Exhaust work today. A little tight here and there but the real challenge will come in the rear when passing trailing arms and axle.


Through the frame…I have to keep it high enough and don’t stick below the frame otherwise it will not stay alive very long…


Today’s work is new fuel line and continues with the exhaust.


New paint on the firewall.


The weather is very nice and warm here for being November so I feel the needs for taking a ride in my 48 before the real winter hits us.



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