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May 2011

Ok I admit, I have been lazy this winter but now I’m back in business. I was able to trade my Chevy smallblock combo for a 1956 Olds Rocket 324 and Hydramatic trans.


It’s a lot more feeling to have a classic Olds engine in the old 47. The exhaust manifold is upside down on the pics if someone wonders…


Gennie shifter for Th 700 R4 fits real well on the Hydra.


Reverse is down in these Hydramatics so I have to file the index plate a bit to make it work.


Airride on the Jag suspension. There is conical coil spring guides spot-welded from the top on these and they have to go. It was a real pain in the ass to remove these… and I should have done that before I mounted it to the frame.


I cut the lower coil-spring bracket and welded a round plate with the bag bolt pattern.


The spring pocket is a little tight on these Jags so I use Slam RE6 bags instead of Airlift Dominators who I normally use.


I use 2” tall cups in front.


Pictures from lower bag mount and top side with hose.


A 10 bolt 8.5 Caprice sedan rear axle with 3.08 ratio is the perfect width for the Olds. It’s exactly the same as the stock Olds axle and I think the gear ratio is ok with the hydra trans as well. I have removed all the Caprice K-link stuff and will use the trailing arm brackets from the stock 47 axle.


Rear axle in place but no welding so far and I have to level the chassis and set the correct ride height and pinion angle before final welding. I just discover that I have to heavily modify the floor for trailing arm clearance when slammed but that’s no big deal.


I bring her down to mother earth to check out the stance and mock up the front fender to see if the wheels align well to the fender well.


Frame hit the floor when slammed.


I fabricate this cross beam to hold the steering rack.


New engine mounts in old school "Hurst" style and the right kind of Olds green on the 324.


Lancer or –53 Cadillac sombrero hubcaps is the big question for today…



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