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October 2010

Now it’s time to take care of the rear.  


I had to open up a bit to get access to the frame. Some pieces of rectangular tubes were welded together to form this step notch to get the rear lower.


Then I made this bridge for the upper bag bracket. I will use a 4 link for the rear axle.



A Carlsberg beer is the perfect way to show if you got low enough in the ass. If you do, just drink it and enjoy…


With the skirts. These pics above are just for checking the stance. The stock Olds axle is still in the car but I’m looking for a stronger replacement axle but haven’t find anything yet so I just continue the work with the kickup/bridge.


Now the welding on the bridge is completed except the upper bag plate that’s only tacked in place. The bridge is maybe a little overkill but just for peace in mind I added a few bars. The height on the bridge is calculated on bag height, bag brackets etc. when using sleeve bags over the axle. I change my plan on using a 4-link and now I will use the stock trailingarms with Panhardlink or if I got time and space maybe I use a Wattslink instead.


I found this early tilt column but I need help to Id it. The steering wheel looks like a late sixties Ford truck but I think the column is a few years newer then that. This column looks pretty clean without any plastic stuff but I need to know where it came from cause I had to replace the bottom bearing. If you have any idea’ just shoot me an  E-mail.



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