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August 2010

I try my best to get the old Hydramatic gearbox to work but it wouldn’t drive in reverse so out it come together with the straight six.



I was able to buy a Jaguar Xj6 ifs who has the right width for my Olds. (58.5”) These Jag ifs are bolted in with rubber bushings but I choose to weld it in. Big discs, 4 piston callipers, power steering rack and Chevy bolt pattern is all a great bonus. On the pics above I have removed some brackets and stuff that I don’t need. These ifs is from a rhd car so the rack isn’t going to work but I have a Saab 9000 rack who seams to fit pretty good.


I need to massage the frame a bit to make it work. I have braced the frame with some tubing before I start cutting and here are some step-by-step pics


I use some 80x40x4 mm. square tubing and boxed the frame before I start cutting too much.


Now it’s narrow enough to mock up the ifs.


After some serious measurements the ifs is in the right place hopefully… Next I have to weld and brace the shit out of it.


After carefully checking that the wheels lines up well with front fender I finish the welding. Next step is to mock up the engine to see where the steering rack should be mounted. My plan is to use a Chevy smallblock/700R4 combo. Yeah, I know it’s not the most “exotic” setup but that’s not the Jag ifs either so…  An early 303 or 324 Olds Rocket should be nice but it’s all about money and the budget is pretty tight right now so everything points to Chevy.


I bought this 1989 350/700 the other day and it’s a Tbi injected engine loaded with all kind of scary stuff. Miles and miles of wiring harness, hoses, sensors, egr valves, computer boxes, oxygen sensors, you name it. I know this technology is the shit with modern cars but not in a –47 Olds so I strip all the unwanted stuff off and now I’m able to see the V8 engine hiding underneath.


I have started the mockup process and all looks fine so far. My friend Foppa came by today with his –47 Olds he just bought from another friend of mine. This –47 Olds coupe together with mine should be the only ones in Sweden as I heard. Pretty cool to see booth at my place.


Mc from -89 Starcraft with brake pedal fits good with some minor massage.


The engine is finally on the right height. I had to lift the engine a bit and fabricate new engine mounts due to clearance problem with the r&p.


I replace the Tbi intake with an Edelbrock manifold and a Holley 600 and I also had to replace the waterpump/coolingfan with another one running in the right direction and finally the computerised Hei has to go and a vacuum Hei was installed.




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