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November 2012

I have to wait a while before I get the high build primer I need for my paintjob so I move on to the Jaguar front brake callipers and replace the pistons and gaskets to new stuff.



The renovated callipers back in place and the photo to the right show some paintwork to the centre emblem on my 1953 Cadillac Sombrero hubcaps. Oh yes, this was a very tuff job with some tiny brushes and small details so I had to drink a few beer just to get a little more steady hand….


I was able to shoot some layers of high build primer this weekend. I let it sit a few days and then back to block sanding. Hopefully time for topcoat very soon!


Finally done with all sanding.


Fredrik shoot the front fender extensions and fender skirts first.


My plan was to use satin clear coat on the “Cayenne Orange” metallic/pearl base and so we did to start with but as the clear went dry the color look pretty boring so we decided to shoot a few layers of gloss clear coat and wow…now it happens.



Finally the old bitch is back in my garage.

I have started the work to bring back all the shiny stuff but still waiting for some parts from the US that doesn’t show up yet but I’m slowly getting there…

Some slip'n slide in the snow...

An old Weiand dual quad manifold with a couple of Carter Afb’s would be the shit on my 324 Rocket. A whole lot of overkill I know but you have to sacrifice for the look. I will put in restrictor rings to get them to 400 cfm each and some other stuff to made them drivable I hope….


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