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April 2010

This is my new project. It’s a 1947 Oldsmobile Special model 66 coupe with a flathead six and Hydramatic trans. The car came from Waco, Texas and it is remarkable rust free.


 Just some “sun burn” on the paint. I have to look over the brakes before I can register the car and get my Swedish license plates.


Its pretty amazing that a 63-year-old car still can be rust free.


The grill on these Oldsmobile’s is pure porn. They are for sure Kustoms from factory.


These Oldsmobile’s has coil springs in all four corners and a Trailingarm set-up for the rear axle. Perfect for airride suspension. And that’s not enough, they even got open driveline who helps a lot when/if upgrade to modern drive train.


I was able to come across a pair of Packard skirts who fits real good. I have removed the rear coil springs just to see how low I can get without c-notch the frame. Looks like it had the potential to be a real Taildragger.


Part 2