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I have to rebuild the drive shaft to make it fit the Cherokee rear. I use a dial indicator to get it straight and then spotwelded all around before I get it out for final welding.

Some close-up shots of the rear axle with itís 4-link brackets all welded and done.

I also weld on the opposite side of the axle tube to prevent the axle to warp as you can see in this pics.

New brake stuff in the rear. The fueltank sits low on this modell so I need to raise the trunk floor to be able to get the tank higher. I donít want to brake it when the car is slammed.

Operation raise trunk floor is started but unfortunately I run out of Mig welder gas... In the meantime maybe I should get some rows of louvers in the hood?

The trunk floor is welded and in primer. Some airride stuff waiting to be installed. I run with Airlift Dominator bags this time too cause I think they're great bags. This is my fourth car that I use these bags on but only in rear this time as I like the old "Speedboat" stance with the ass lower then front.

I had to make room for the drive shaft when the car is slammed so I raise the floor just a bit over it to make sure it woulden't grind with the ass down...

The floor is done and painted. The stock 3-speed transmission is not in good condition so I was able to find this -48 transmission for replacement and I allready have a new clutch disk and throw out bearing so it should work out fine.

Airbags in place and some sound insulation on the floor.

It will be a shitload of cables and hoses, although I only have airride in the rear... The pressure switch turns off at 125 Psi.

This is a small step for mankind but one helluve step for me... Haha...

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