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The first testrun in the New Year.


An easy and cheap way to lower your Plymouth of the fourties is to drill out the rivets that holds the coilspring support plate and move it down to the under side of the lower control arms. This way you will gain a 2 drop for the price of 12 bolts, washers and nuts, Its about the same drop as a pair of dropped uprights from Fatman fabrication... Not so bad!

New tires and dog dish hubcaps on the car and some homemade 4-link stuff and bag brackets.

A frame notch is needed for lowering the ass.

A Dana 35 non C-clips rear axle from a Cherokee have the right width, better gear ratio, right bolt pattern and way better brakes then the stock axle.

Upper controlarm bracket welded to the frame. Frame notch with bridge and bag brackets.

Rear out of the car for final welding. Should be low enough...

Praise the lowered...



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