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The exhaust manifold had a bad leak so I had to take it off to see what’s up. The intake manifold is bolted together with the exhaust by 4 bolts on the heat chamber and 3 of these where broken and results in a bad leak. I saw my chance to split the manifold and get dual pipes all the way back both for breeding and sound.

I made a hole through the underside of the manifold where the intake are bolted and made a 10 milimetre plate with the same bolt pattern as the heat chamber and welded a pipe to it.

Then I welded a divider plate inside the exhaust to get 2 x 3 cylinder exhaust and bolted the whole stuff together again with 4 new bolts and new gaskets.

The engine runs good so my plan for now is to keep it. It’s already converted to 12 volt with alternator. Btw, the red giant dual horn is stock... and loud as hell!

 Wolves....!!! Sweet ass....

I made some lowering stuff the other day. C-notch on the frame is a must to get the ass down in the dirt…. And I need to get rid of the leaf springs as well and go for 2 or 4 link instead and some changes in the front suspension too. The upper shock brackets are mounted to the upper A-arm from factory and that’s not the optimal place so I made a pair of new brackets to be able to mount them on the frame for a way better function. Some white paint on the firewall and open hood side is a small upgrade too… 

I had a set of wide whitewall tires lying around but haven’t had the chance to get them on yet but that will be a great improvement.

I took it out in the rain today so I could get my daily inside the garage for a small boring work. I wish I had a bigger shop…. I was lucky to get my hands on a pair of cool bumper guards on E-bay the other day and together with a couple of pencil tips it looks good.


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