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Part 1 October 2013

A real shaved taildragger ass… I have always had a soft spot for these 1940-41 coupes and after I sold my 48 Buick I started looking around for one of these sweeties and finally found one for sale in Enköping. This coupe have the stock drivetrain witch are a 201 flathead six with a 3-gear stickshift. The rear axle is a non-highway friendly 4.10:1 gear ratio so I guess I have to deal with this one later. The car has some “mild kustom” work done to it as shaved door handles and trunk so that’s the way I will follow.

I really like the lines of this Art Deco front! I got the front bumper with the car but I don’t really like it because it sticks out way too far from the front. I know I can cut and shorten the brackets but I like the look of it now.

Here’s a shot with the 40 outside my garage together with my other 47 Olds.

Well, it’s time to start working on the old bitch and get her inside the garage.


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