1948 Oldsmobile

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I found this Olds in Gävle, mid Sweden and the owner Janne had a badass collection of sweet cars, just look below and enjoy...

A whole lot of carbs on this Ford pickup and the Kustom Merc speaks for itself...

Ford model A coupe in progress and a supernice 39 Ford ragtop.

Two bitchin trucks!

On my way home and my only company was this Hula Hula chick who tried to amuse me by dancing on the dashboard.

Finally home after a 420 mile trip!

The car ran fine at 90-100 km / h,  and according to data from the American Oldsmobile club these Olds 76'or had a gear ratio of 3.9:1 if they are equipped with Hydramatic automatic transmission which this one is. According to the same sources the manual transmission had 4.45:1. The Olds series 66 / 68 with Hydramatic transmission had a 3.63:1 ratio which makes them a better choice for highway use. I had an old Olds rear from just a model 66 with Hydra laying around and when pulling it apart I discovered  the stamping on the ring gear 40 11 which just means 3.63:1. That's luck!

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