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November 2014

Airride installation.

Actually I had planned to run with a static drop this time but airride is the shit so I change my mind... To begin with I only go for a rear bag installation and I have to convert to 12 volt as well.

The car lifted with rear coil springs removed to check how low you can go without starting to cut the frame and floor. Looks pretty low without cutting. The idea is to just bag the rear at this time then I will see if I move forward. The body design of these fastbacks of the forties needs a "speedboat stance" to look even cooler which means lower back than the front.

If you ask five different guys the easiest way to bag a ride I'm sure you will get five different answers, and probably good one's too but here is my humble contribution...

Image & text shows how relatively easy it is to bag the rear of an old Oldsmobile due to its coilspring and trailingarm set up.

The lower coil spring mount sits with a long left-hand thread 9/16 "bolt from the underside of the trailigarm.


I put the bolt in the lathe and re tapped it to 1/2" and 3/8" at the top which is the same thread as the lower bolt hole in the airbags. Then I welded a 16mm long 1/2" threaded sleeve on the existing coilmount as you see above to be able to clamp the parts together.

Next I welded a round bracket plate with a distance tubes of 16 mm length welded on to it to get over the 16 mm high 1/2 "sleeve welded before. This bracket plate also has a 3/8" clearance hole at the center for the 9/16" bolt and serves as the lower bracket/fastener for the bags. Doing it this way will guarantee you to get the bags centered in the spring pockets.


The picture shows my bag dummys installed on the bag mount. Good to have these instead of the real bags when welding and grinding and they also works as a mockup in terms of height as they are about 5 mm above recommended . An air bag should never bottom out if it does not have built in bumpstop, which as far as I know only Slam Specialties air bags have.

Extra hole for air hose in the coilspring pocket and very low bagcups.... only 1" high for prevent the bellows to bottom out.

6-12 volt conversion.

Finally I got some airride stuff but I still wait for solenoid valves and airtank.

Bags in place in the rear. Viair 480C compressor.

I will use this 2.5 gallon tank when I only install bags in rear. Four solenoid valves with flow controller, I don't want it too fast.

All the stuff in place and the 2.5 gallon tank is well enough to handle two bags.

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