1948 Oldsmobile

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Oldsmobile was early with the automatic transmission and the first fully automatic transmission was delivered already 1940.

There was no Park position on these early Hydramatic so you had to put it into reverse and turn off the engine when parking. Park Mode came first with the 1956 Jetaway transmission. Hydramatic are a 4-speed transmission but unfortunately not an overdrive and the 4'th are just 1:1 ratio.


The chassis was very modern for it's time on these Oldsmobiles. Coil springs in all four corners, anti-roll bars front and rear, and last but not least an open driveshaft. Olds was the only one in the GM family that also offered a "Trailingarm" rear suspension or two-link if you like. The comfort will be much better with coilsprings rear suspension than GM's other leaf suspension equipped cars. A little bonus is that these are easy to convert to air suspension ....

I got hold of a Fulton 800 series sunshield and it fits nicely on my Olds.

Looks a bit more gangster with a Fulton visor...

Some paint on the engine. I was lucky to find a "Passing Eye Mirror" the other day. This is cool stuff and people wonder all the time what it is....


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